Tuesday, June 16, 2009

drabble prompt: Day and Night

or night and day if you prefer... you can choose to write about either night or day, both together, in the vein of LadyHawk.


  1. Sister Day and Sister Night

    Twin sisters were born on the Summer Solstice, one born in light the other born as darkness fell. As time passed the sisters grew. Day was earthly and fair with flaxen gold hair, a smile warm as sun, and eyes the colour of summer skies. Night was otherworldly and moonlight pale, her hair the colour of a raven’s wing, a smile hinting of magic and wickedness, and eyes that glinted black. At dusk, Night awoke, and the sisters ate honeyed cakes, drank tea from silver cups. Soon Day dreamed as Night sang with the wolves and danced in the moonlight.

  2. I would post mine, but its soooo bad, I'll post next week instead!