Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Character Map

the following questions are for a Character Map Exercise to help you build a solid character.

Character’s name and age; other personal details
What does he/she most love?
What does he/she most hate?
What he/she eat for breakfast?
How did he/she last vote in the last election, if at all?
Where did he/she go to school?
Does he/she have any noticeable traits which affect everyday life; short-sightedness, a limp, colour-blindness, can’t tell left from right?
Does he/she drive? If so what? If not, why not?

How would this person be most likely to react to/ interact with:
Margaret Thatcher
the Dalai Lama
an estate agent
someone spitting in the street
Modern art
A pornographic film
East Enders
A friend getting so drunk they couldn’t walk
A screaming baby
Market researcher in the street

Where does this person buy clothes? Are clothes important to him/her?
What music is currently on this person’s CD/ipod ?
Is this person allergic to anything?
Do they have any medical history we need to know about?
What are his/her greatest talents, and greatest weaknesses?
Would you trust this person with a secret? Why/ why not?
Could this person ever be unfaithful in a long-term relationship?
What sort of books, magazines or newspapers does this person read?
What is his/her biggest fear?
What is his/her biggest secret?
Write down five words that describe this person.

Here is an excellent list of 100 character Development Questions

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