Tuesday, May 19, 2009

drabble prompt: cable

drabble prompt for the week of tuesday the 19th is cable, so get your thinking caps on and get writing.


  1. The lines were stretched, taught across the pathway, at meter paces. There were three of them. It didn’t matter which direction you approached from, the first was at ankle height, the second at torso. This worked in two ways. If you missed the trip wire, some do, by pure fluke, you’d surely not miss the second, it certainly slowed most prey down, if it didn’t put them down altogether. Alternatively if you hit the trip wire, the second wire got most clean through the neck as they stumbled forward. Cable Elijah Severus always tried to live up to his name.

  2. The door slammed shut, keys rattling in the lock. She was alone in the dark room, wrists bound behind her back with thin cable. Death whispered sweet words in her ears. She smiled grimly as she moved her wrists against the wire, drops of blood dripping to the white carpet. Death whispered on as she slipped her hands free, the torn flesh of her wrists burning. Heavy footsteps sound in the hall and she grabbed the only weapon to hand. The door swung open and she shoved a steel knitting needle into his throat. Death laughed as the monster died.