Tuesday, May 12, 2009

drabble prompts

this week has two drabble prompts to choose from:




so get your thinking caps on and write up a world in 100 words. You can use both words in your drabble, or write two different drabbles, or just choose the word that inspires you to write the most.


  1. The rain slicked concrete walkways, reflected the drab grey skies of London, pockmarked where the joints were wearing down with puddles of murky brown water and green life seeping through the cracks.
    Urban planters of weeds thrive every 100 meters or so, with gangs of hooded youths roaming, marking their territory with cans of paint, sprayed upon walls, doors and floors.
    Skylights of safety glass, shine light through to stores below, whilst stair, upon stair reaches skywards, to row upon row of coloured doorways, with scratched and chipped paint marking their passage. At night neon lights poorly illuminate pathways.

  2. I was looking on the shelf, when I saw something that hadn't been there the night before. To call it a book would be to miss the perfect opportunity to use teh word 'tome'. It was riddled with holes, as if someone had been using it for target practice, and it was badly singed too. I opened it at a random page, and the words writhed about in a way that ink marks on paper normally don't, and in a way that suggeted that they didn't want to be read. My head started to hurt and I slammed it shut. - Faye book club member.