Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drabble prompt: Bottle

this week's drabble prompt is "bottle" chosen by Peter at the book group Tuesday night. Sorry its a little bit late in posting. Have fun creating a world in 100 words.

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  1. Green Glass
    written by Apryl

    A green glass bottle sat on a rusted metal shelf, covered in dust and grime in the corner of a dusty room filled with the detritus of a forgotten time. Dust covered the bottle and its glass stopper. Its label peeling, faded and unreadable, and yet something dark lurked within the bottle’s blue green depths. Honeyed poison?
    witch’s spell?
    vampire’s blood?
    The essence of evil?
    the tears of an angel?
    the whisper of death?
    cry of despair?
    A green glass bottle of time sitting lonely on a rusted shelf, all the potential hope and horror of Pandora’s gift