Monday, April 20, 2009

Lava Drabble

I've picked up Flame's post from the comments section and popped it on here for you all to see as I think its great!

Painted wings and giant’s rings glimmered gently in the firelight. A single wet tear glistened as it rolled down the emerald green scales on the dragon’s sharp cheekbones.As the last of the screams faded into the silence of the night, and the lava ran down the grooves of the cave floor into the sea, the dragon sat and gently wept.One burst of excitement in the wrong place was all that it had taken to turn their rock fortress into molten lava, killing his lifelong friend and condemning the dragon to a life of painful solitude for ever more.


  1. The rock landed still hissing with heat, it was about a meter from where Stephen had taken refuge. Alison screamed 'we're going to die, we're going to die' tugging him out from their hiding place in her panic, the realisation that nowhere was safe.
    Stephen was running through the Discovery channel in his head, rocks meant lava right, not pyroclastic flows, they should be alright then, all they had to do was avoid the raining rocks and locate a means of escape. Rocks did mean lava didn't they? He looked up a tthe exploding beauty of the volcano in awe.

  2. 'And so, it is here on the sea bed, where the light of the sun cannot reach, that fire and water meet in what is, perhaps, a rather ordinary way. Plumes of black smoke rise through the water, carrying the sulphurous chemicals which support an almost unbelievably diverse range of life. On the sea bed itself, we find what appear to be tracks of giant grubs burrowing below the surface.'
    'And yet, it is not larvae, but lava. It is the molten rock from this underwater volcano cooling as soon as it touches the water that makes these strange formations.' - faye - book club member.