Wednesday, April 22, 2009

drabble prompt: Music

This week's drabble prompt is music, you can write about music or put on some music (anything you like, pop, rock, heavy metal, emo, goth, whatever your favourite flavour of musical poison.) and write whatever the music inspires you to write. Please tell us what you were listening to when you were writing (it doesn't count towards your 100 words) even if its the worst most embarassing music ever, we want to know.


  1. I Still Dream Of You

    Their two bodies melded together. Different species, but still brought together in undeniable union.
    The night had passed with the kind of conversation you can only get when sat outside on a summer’s night, drinking and playing card games. But talk had eventually given way to their inevitable passion. The pull of each other too strong to resist, drawn by a force that neither of them either could, or cared to understand.
    As he lay stroking his pillow, remembering her soft and supple skin, he knew it had once again been a dream. She would never return to his arms.

    Inspired by Ash - Girl from Mars which was in the background

  2. Kelly stared at her reflection in the cracked mirror, blonde hair pulled back in a tight pony tale, heart shaped face, with pink cupids bow lips, and large blue eye. A small spot or red rode high on her cheek as she critically assessed her perfect makeup. She rubbed the last spot away, steaming water fogged the mirror, as the last of the blood washed away. Kelly smiled a sweet smile that did not reach the pooling black depths of her cold blue eyes, as she stepped over the plastic wrapped body and adjusted the skirt of her cheerleader uniform.

    * while listening to Seether and Stone Sour