Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drabble prompt

This weeks drabble prompt is Lava, just in case anyone is wishing to join in!
Last weeks which due to excessive illness I didn't manage to post, was Fish!


  1. Painted wings and giant’s rings glimmered gently in the firelight. A single wet tear glistened as it rolled down the emerald green scales on the dragon’s sharp cheekbones.

    As the last of the screams faded into the silence of the night, and the lava ran down the grooves of the cave floor into the sea, the dragon sat and gently wept.

    One burst of excitement in the wrong place was all that it had taken to turn their rock fortress into molten lava, killing his lifelong friend and condemning the dragon to a life of painful solitude for ever more.

  2. The goddess stood on the mountain, wrapped in night. She looked down upon the city of men far below. The stench and noise of humanity blew on the wind. The goddess frowned and waited as the moon rose high and bloated in the star strewn sky.

    The goddess waited but no sacrifice was made, she was forgotten. Her lips curved in a terrible smile, and she called fire from the heart of the earth. The mountain rumbled to life, smoke and ash billowed into the sky, molten lava poured down. The goddess laughed as the city burned. They would remember.